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A Quicker Way to Move or Copy Spreadsheets in Excel

Moving or copying spreadsheets to another location is a straightforward process from the Cells group on the Home menu tab. A quicker way is to drag and drop to the new location.

Move or Copy using Cells Group

Let’s say we have a workbook which captures data for multiple years with one sheet providing summary information. The individual spreadsheets are named as follows:Move_Copy_Sheets_Excel_1 We would like to add data for 2013 and move Summary as the first spreadsheet. Select the Summary sheet. From the Home menu tab, click on the Format down arrow in the Cells group.


The dialog box launched will allow a different workbook to be chosen. In this case, we leave the default as the existing, “Revenue Forecasts.” We want to move Summary before the first sheet which is 2010. After selecting 2010, click OK. Because we are moving, not copying, the Create a Copy checkbox is unchecked.


Next, we’ll create a copy of the 2012 sheet and rename it 2013. Select Format from the Cells group and select Move or Copy Sheet. The book remains “Revenue Forecast,” we click on Sheet5, check the Create a copy checkbox, and click OK.


Clicking back on Format in the Cell group, this time, we select Rename Sheet. The 2012 (2) is highlighted and typing “2013” completes our task.


The Quicker Way — Move or Copy using Drag and Drop

(Too quick even for screenshots!)

1.  Click and hold the Summary tab, drag to the left of the 2010 tab and release.

2. Hold down the CTRL key, click and hold the 2012 tab, drag to the right one position and release.

3. Right click the 2012 (2) tab, click on Rename Sheet, type 2013, and press Enter.


Move or Copy Between Workbooks

Both methods work equally well across two open workbooks.  When using the Cell Group method, the Move or Copy dialog box will allow the second  workbook to be chosen and then the location and the move or copy choices may be made just like in a single workbook.


To drag and drop, only one extra step is needed for a second workbook. Once both workbooks are open, select View Side by Side in the View tab. If only two workbooks are open, they will appear side by side. If more than two workbooks are open, a dialog box will open in order to select the workbook to show next to the original.



Now that the two workbooks are side by side (or top and bottom), the original spreadsheet may be dragged to move to the other workbook or CTRL dragged to copy.