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Creating Flashcards with Google Spreadsheets and Flippity

Flash_Cards_Excel_1Remember the days of learning pre-calculator math skills? Flashcards are such an iconic symbol of memorizing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division pairs. Their purpose expanded through the years as I recall writing states on one side of index cards and their capitols on the other side and vocabulary words on one side, their definitions on the other.

Flashcards for Today’s Students

Certainly the learning tools available to our schoolchildren today encompass all sorts of devices. I came across a rather cool site this week which combines the age old flashcards concept with electronic efficiency. Flippity.net converts data in a Google™ Spreadsheet into personalized electronic flashcards. Instructions on the site are very straightforward. Just follow the link to copy their Google™ Spreadsheet template, fill in your own data, save with a new name, copy the link, and click GO! Couldn’t be easier.

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