Shrinking a Spreadsheet to Fit on One Page in Excel

Photo: David Castor via Wikimedia Commons

Ever wish you could shrink your car when faced with parallel parking in a really tight space? That’s how I feel when a spreadsheet is just slightly bigger than will fit on one page. The usual solutions are choosing larger paper (e.g., 11″ x 17″), making the page margins smaller or shrinking the size of the columns or rows. That can be a lot of trial and error, making a change, checking Page Preview, tweaking a little more, checking again (not unlike inching the car forward, reverse, forward, reverse).

The faster solution is to use Scaling in the Print menu.

1. Click File on the Menu bar, select Print, and then Scaling under Settings. The default is No Scaling.


2. Click on the dialog launcher (small down arrow) and 3 other options appear.


Fit Sheet on One Page will take all of the selected print area or the whole sheet and shrink everything horizontally and vertically to fit on one page.

Fit All Columns on One Page will shrink the selection horizontally so that all columns fit on a page, but rows will print on as many pages as needed.

Fit All Rows on One Page will shrink the selection vertically so that all rows fit on one page but if the columns do not fit on one page, they will flow to additional pages.

The Print Preview should adjust as you choose different options.

2 thoughts on “Shrinking a Spreadsheet to Fit on One Page in Excel

  1. I do use that feature ALOT. I’ve been accursed of holding on to analog tool for too long (pen and paper) so printed spreadsheets for review and marking up are frequent on my desk.

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