Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel for Formatting

Ever have one of those late nights finishing a marathon number crunching session? Just about the time you breathe that deep sigh of relief that everything is ticked and tied, you realize that your 9 am presentation tomorrow morning is only a few short hours away and your spreadsheet is nowhere near presentation ready.

By MC3 Adam D. Wainwright [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Having a few essential formatting shortcuts under your belt will make quick work of polishing your spreadsheet for printing or projecting. This is the third in a series of keyboard shortcuts that reduce the time reaching for the mouse to find and click common actions. Keyboard shortcuts for navigation may be found here and shortcuts for data entry and editing may be found here.

Hey, here’s one more tip before you turn out the lights for the night: Center that spreadsheet before printing. Now…..good night, sleep tight.


BoldCTRL + B
ItalicsCTRL + I
UnderlineCTRL + U
Format BoxCTRL + 1
Outline borderSHIFT + CTRL + &
Remove borderSHIFT + CTRL + _
Add CommentSHIFT + F2
General Number CTRL + SHIFT + ~
Currency FormatCTRL + SHIFT + $
Percentage FormatCTRL + SHIFT + %
Exponential Number FormatCTRL + SHIFT + ^
Date formatCTRL + SHIFT + #
Time FormatCTRL + SHIFT + !

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