Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel for Data Entry & Editing

In this earlier post, a couple dozen keyboard shortcuts were listed to help you navigate around your spreadsheets more quickly and smoothly. The following list provides another set which make data entry and editing quicker. Remember, don’t try to remember the whole list at once. Pick two or three that are common actions you use. Memorize those and practice, practice, practice. Then add a couple more to your repertoire.  One more shortcut list may be found here.

P.S. The CTRL + Shift + ) shortcut to unhide columns has a Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system conflict but can be adjusted using these instructions.


Edit cellF2
Create formula= (equal sign)
CopyCTRL + C
PasteCTRL + V
Paste SpecialALF H + V + S
Repeat last actionCTRL + Y
UndoCTRL + Z
Fill DownCTRL + D
Fill RightCTRL + R
FindCTRL + F
ReplaceCTRL + H
Enter AutoSum formulaALT + '+' (plus sign)
Show formula/valueCTRL + ~
Start new line in same cellALT + ENTER
Delete cell contentDELETE
Clear cell content & formattingALT + H + E + A
Delete cell and move adjacent cellsCTRL + - (minus sign)
Insert cell and move adjacent cellsCTRL + SHIFT + '+' (plus sign)
Insert row/columnCTRL + SHIFT + '+' (plus sign)
Delete row/columnCTRL + - (minus sign)
Hide rowCTRL + 9
Unhide rowCTRL + SHIFT + (
Enter current dateCTRL + ;
Enter current timeCTRL + SHIFT + :
Spell CheckF7

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