How to Remove Auto-Formatting of Hyperlinks

You know that feeling when something is just a little bit bothersome but not quite annoying enough to spend time to resolve? When I have one of those, the annoyance simmers below the surface for a really long time and then one day I get the sudden urge to fix it. As in, fix it right now, I can’t stand it another minute! After finding the solution, there is such joy that I wonder, “Why did I wait so long?”

So, without building up any more suspense, today’s “I can’t stand it another minute!” was the default AutoCorrect which replaces Internet and network paths with hyperlinks. Email addresses convert to a hyperlink, such as I don’t like this as I am not usually emailing directly from the Excel spreadsheet and if the list is printed, the hyperlinks appear in a different color and underlined. I used to go back and remove the hyperlink manually by right-clicking and selecting “Remove Hyperlink.” Really not a big deal, until the day it suddenly becomes an annoying big deal!

Here’s how to change this default setting:

  1. Select File from Menu Bar. Then select Options almost at the bottom of the list.

How to Remove Auto-formatting of Hyperlinks Step 1

2. Select Proofing and then click the AutoCorrect Options button.

How to Remove Auto-formatting of Hyperlinks Step 2

3. Select AutoFormat As You Type tab. Then uncheck the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks box.

How to Remove Auto-Formatting of Hyperlinks Step 3


4. Click OK button. Click second OK button.

That’s it! Just a few clicks and I’m doing the happy dance! This reminded me of how much customization is available throughout the program and how just a few minutes of time can streamline my usual tasks or eliminate default settings that don’t suit me.



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