How to Create a Perpetual Calendar in Excel


Over the course of any workday, I might access up to 5 electronic devices that all synchronize my calendar. Yet if I need to look for a date later in the year, say June 15, I instinctively look at the paper 2013 calendar taped to the wall above my desk. I’m not quite sure what draws me to look at the paper, maybe it’s the alignment of the 7 columns of the days of the week or maybe it’s the perspective of seeing the whole year at a glance.

Nevertheless, it is a very ingrained habit and each year I tape a new calendar on the wall, usually a freebie that I saw online or one printed by a local vendor and given to us with their first shipment of the new year. This year, I decided to make my own in Excel and researched various methods for calculating the start day for each month. The cool thing about creating the months via formulas is that it becomes a perpetual calendar. Next year, all that is needed is changing Cell H7 to 2014 and voila, it recalculates all dates to the correct positions. It is sized to view nicely within Excel or saved to PDF. To print all on one page, use the “Fit all rows on One Page” option to fit the whole calendar on one piece of paper. Enjoy!

Download Perpetual Calendar in Excel

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