Celebrating PI Day in Style with Excel

One of the radio stations I enjoy on my drive to work has a segment each day to announce the National {___} Day. Some represent historical facts, such as National Girl Scout Day on March 12 commemorating the first troop meeting on March 12, 1912. Others draw awareness to a serious issue, such as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January 11). Then there are the downright silly, e.g., National Step in a Puddle and Splash your Friends Day (also January 11).

I missed a big one yesterday. Did you celebrate National Pi Day on March 14? Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the mathematical constant 3.14159 which is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. March 14 is chosen to celebrate this mathematical concept because this infinite number begins with the first three digits, 3 1 4. Check out the fun website of piday.org for ideas to celebrate Pi Day, such as having friends over to watch the movie Life of Pi.

Image courtesy of piday.org.

Using Pi in Excel

Before we get too off-topic, you may be happy to know that if you last used Pi in high school geometry, Excel stands ready to take care of the Pi calculation for you. The PI() function in Excel will provide the constant in calculations. Recently I was covering a piece of furniture that had a circular top. I knew the top was 24 inches in diameter, but I needed to know how long a trim piece would need to be to go around the outside edge or circumference. The formula =B1*PI() provides just the information I needed — 75.4 inches!



One More Reason to Celebrate Pi Day

The piday.org website shared one particular tradition that I will make part of my future PI Day celebrations. Using those first three digits, 314, look what happens when we take a mirror image:


Won’t you join me for a piece of PIE to celebrate PI Day?



3 thoughts on “Celebrating PI Day in Style with Excel

  1. One of the few things I do recall from high school geometry class! Of course Pi day to me is Thanksgiving at my sisters and I HAVE to bring a pecan Pi but the other flavor I can pick. Thanks Annie for always broadening my Excel toolbox.

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