Hi, I’m Annie. I work for a small non-profit. I need a large business card to list all my titles: Chief Financial Officer, HR Director, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Information Officer.

Yeah, not really.

I think the truest title would be “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Most of my responsibilities could be summed up in that last line of all job descriptions, “Other duties as assigned.” It makes for some crazy times but I love the variety with each new day giving me the chance to help make the world a better place.

On the days I get to crank up my computer before the adventures begin, Microsoft Excel is often the first program to open. It’s the tool that carries me through the day, whether I’m crunching numbers for the end of month financial report, crafting a quick summary of bids for repainting the dining hall, or  making a sign-up sheet for the staff’s potluck luncheon. It is hands-down the most used software in my office toolbox.

My dad was the ultimate handyman and preached that every tool has its job to do and shouldn’t be used for other purposes. (Don’t tell me you’ve never used a screwdriver to pry open a can of paint!)   Many of my colleagues treat spreadsheets like screwdrivers and will only use them for quantitative tasks, but I’m sure Dad would agree that spreadsheets are more like Swiss Army knives, capable of a wide variety of tasks.

This blog chronicles some of my learnings about this amazing tool. Perhaps you will learn a thing or two and maybe be inspired to share your own tips and tricks! Won’t you join me?

Cheers, Annie

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