5 Quick Formatting Tips

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to fancy up the presentation of data in an Excel spreadsheet. On these occasions, try these 5 quick formatting tips.

  1. Change column widths and row heights to provide extra visual white space instead of inserting blank columns or rows.
  2. Set alignment of each column appropriately for the data it contains.
  3. Use Word Wrap or Alt-Enter to make text spread across multiple lines in individual cells.
  4. Bold and increase font size of title. Merge and Center across multiple cells.
  5. Use borders and shading to further define columns and header information.

Take a look at the difference these 5 tips make:

BEFORE:Quick Formatting
AFTER:Quick Formatting

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One thought on “5 Quick Formatting Tips

  1. Great tips. I didn’t know the Alt-Enter trick. I use most of these when I paste raw data into a new worksheet from a bigger data source. You’re right, it makes it so much easier to read. Thanks!

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